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Dentophobia (odontophobia), or fear of dentists, is real among people of all ages. People fear going to the dentist for many reasons, the most common being fear of pain. Injections from a needle are the primary culprit and a genuine phobia for many people. That’s why dentists have developed a method of giving injections that allow for pain-free dental care.

What Is Pain-free Dental Care?

The concept is simple: One pleasant sensation, such as a gentle vibration, can shut down the signals of other painful feelings like an injection from a needle. Pain is the main reason why many patients who need attention for their dental problems do not receive proper care. Because of the painful experiences during previous dental procedures, patients become anxious about getting further dental care.

Traditional injections in dentistry have been in use for generations and seem like an unavoidable part of life, but in fact, they aren’t anymore. There is no longer any reason to postpone dental procedures because of fear. And in any case, conditions only worsen over time if you avoid treatment, and oral health issues can negatively impact your overall health.

We have come a long way in oral health. Dental professionals can now provide much more than just laughing gas (nitrous oxide) services to patients. Pain-free dentistry is beneficial to those who have dental anxiety to reduce the cause of their fear and lessen or eliminate the pain associated with dental treatments. Read more about it here.

How Does Pain-free Dental Care Work?

Because of the nature of dental procedures, patients might think that there is no way that treatments can be pain-free. However, dentists can now provide a less traumatic experience with the recent advancement to reduce anxiety in their patients.

Most dental anxiety is from tooth pain, but also the pain from injections. At G.T. Dental Centre, we continually search for ways to provide more comfortable treatment. For injections, the solution is “the Wand,” a local anesthesia system for a single tooth without numbing the lip or the face. The wand eliminates painful injections during dental work.

Most people think that the pain from injections is from the needle poking through the skin. But the actual pain is from injecting the anesthetic too quickly. With The Wand, the computer slows down the local anesthetics, so there is no pain.

Dentists have also discovered when you experience a pleasant sensation and a more uncomfortable feeling simultaneously, the signals for the pleasurable sensation go to the brain. In contrast, the signals from the uncomfortable sensation are blocked.

So take the weight off and relax in our heated massage chairs during your next exam. Simply put, our dental practice with a zen vibe is the perfect environment to relax during your treatments.

Where to Get Pain-Free Dental in Whitby, ON?

Visits to the dentist here in Whitby are like none other you’ve experienced. We put extra care into the patient experience giving a spa-like feel to your next appointment. You can have confidence in us and our 25 years of experience serving up the most beautiful smiles in Ontario. We have the gentlest touch and the best bedside manner around.

Read this recent review from Cass and Rui Carvalho:

Can we give more than 5 stars? I’ve been a patient of Dr.Thoms for over 10 years and now I’m bringing my family to them as well. I’ve always appreciated his compassionate demeanor and calmness. The new office space is just lovely. From the bright, cheery atmosphere to the new chairs that have heat and massage, everything they’ve done with the new office makes for a very enjoyable experience. I was so relaxed that I fell asleep during my cleaning! The office and dental staff are absolutely amazing. Leslie and the other front desk staff run the office with great professionalism and are super pleasant to deal with. Cheers to many successful years in your new home!

Dr. Thoms and the entire team here at G.T. Dental Centre consider every patient a member of our family. We make every dental visit as pain-free and comfortable as possible. We look forward to meeting you, listening to your concerns, and finding simple and effective solutions.

Come by our dental practice for a free consultation. Please give us a call at (289) 483-1143 or send us an email. If you live in the town of Whitby, ON, or the surrounding area, we look forward to inviting you into our dental family.